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Course Reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It's been so interesting and informative. Lauren is an amazing teacher and is so experienced in hypnotherapy. It gives me the confidence required to start my own business as I've learnt from the best!  Thank you for everything.
​Kate - July 2023

The course was very robust and covered everything we needed. We covered a lot of detail but it felt very relaxed. The group were very supportive. Lauren created a very comfortable safe learning environment. I felt very supported and able to ask questions if needed to check my understanding.
Gillian - July 2023

Fantastic course, I really enjoyed it and learned so much - not just about hypnotherapy but about myself and others.
Paul - July 2023

​Great subject and interesting people. Very enjoyable course. Thank you
Jenny - July 2023

​I truly found the whole course really interesting and enjoyable. There was always a supportive environment with questions welcomed and clearly answered. The course was really well structured and learning was scaffolded brilliantly. I really appreciate that we had so much time to write scripts and practice delivering all elements of hypnotherapy and NLP. The course is just tremendous! Thank you!
Alison - July 2022

Lauren was a fantastic teacher , easy going, down to earth, friendly and informative. She never had a problem explaining  in detail any part of the course and, more importantly I felt completely comfortable throughout to ask if I had any questions.
Aimee - July 2022

The script writing aspect of the course has been great as I feel more empowered to deal with things as they will arise. This has been one of the best courses I've ever been on - informative, rigorous and thorough. Thank you so much.
Ian - July 2022

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it incredibly valuable. I now feel confident in starting in practice.
Cathy - July 2022

​​​​I have genuinely enjoyed the course. Lauren has a wonderful way of delivering the course and I would highly recommend it. Very thorough course based on empirical research and good evidence-based forms of effective hypnotherapy.
Vanessa - July 2021​

This course has been incredible. Thank you Lauren for all your support, teachings and information. I would highly recommend the course to anyone.
​Gemma - July 2023

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